10 locations throughout England

The ability to competently and safely navigate using a map and compass is a skill which anyone involved in outdoor activities should (must) have.

Since 1986 we have provided map reading and navigation training. 

You may book on to a group course with other like-minded people or book a bespoke course just for you and some friends.  Private, individual lessons are also available.

The relaxed atmosphere and safe environment of our Novice (bronze level) courses make them ideal for those new to navigation.  These courses, in fact all our courses, are always run by a fully qualified mountaineering instructor,

The Intermediate (silver level) training for more experienced outdoors types is extremely popular as it allows participants the opportunity to revisit the basics before moving on to more advanced techniques.

Our Advanced (gold level) courses offer experienced navigators the opportunity to gain, and practice, the techniques required to navigate in complex terrain using sound and safe navigation strategies.