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Terms and Conditions

┬áNote – We (and our legal guys) have tried our best to write these T&C’s in clear and understandable, plain, English

If there is ANYTHING you don’t understand please contact us before making your booking

Items below shown as “Note:” are for your information only and are not part of the Terms and Conditions

  1. You should read and agree to these Terms and Conditions before making your final decision on whether to book a map reading course with us

  2. General Definitions
    1. The courses advertised are originated and operated by The Map Reading Co
    2. In the items below The Map Reading Co is shown below as "TMRC"
    3. In the items below "you" and "your" refers to any adults and to the parents or legal guardian of any children named on the booking

  3. TMRC will ensure that all instructors are suitably qualified to teach / lead the course

  4. TMRC will maintain an insurance policy as required by law for such items as third party liability, etc.
    1. TNRC's insurance policy does NOT cover you for personal injury, loss or damage of personal equipment, etc.
    2. Note: You should, if you feel it necessary, take out further insurance cover for this You are strongly advise not to bring anything of value, such as jewellery, expensive mobile phones, etc on these courses  As we operate in the outdoors the chances of finding anything, once lost, is extremely thin

  5. When is a booking made?
    1. A booking is made when we receive a booking with full payment and we confirm the course with a Course Confirmation form which will be sent to the email address you provided on the application form
    2. Note: You should not make any arrangements, ie travel, accommodation, etc until you receive a Course Confirmation At any time before the course is confirmed TMRC may alter any part of the course or decline the booking

  6. The Agreement (between TMRC and You)
    1. When you book a course with TMRC and we send you a Course Confirmation, a contract is formed between you and TMRC, which is subject exclusively to English law and the jurisdiction of the English courts

  7. Changes and alterations
    1. If it is necessary to change your course we will contact you via the email address you supplied on the booking form

  8. Who will we send information to?
    1. The first adult named on the booking form will receive all information from us to the email address supplied on the booking form

  9. Promotional codes
    1. Occasionally we issue promotional codes which, when added to your booking, will reduce the cost of your course.
    2. Promotional codes can not be used not retrospectively.
    3. Note: This means that only codes which are entered on to the booking form at the time of booking will be accepted, we cannot add them to your booking at a later date.

  10. Transfers
    1. If you cannot join the course you have booked TMRC may, at our discretion, allow you to transfer the booking to another person or to another course
    2. Note: This is not guaranteed as other courses may be fully booked, but we will try our best 

  11. Children
    1. TMRC operate two type of courses.
      1. Publically available - these are bookable using our booking form
        1. Only children aged 10 or over are permitted to participate on publically available courses
        2. Each child must be accompanied by a responsible adult
        3. Note:  This means that for each child on a booking there must be at least one adult, for example if there are two children there must be, at least two adults Etc.
      2. Bespoke - these are single group bookings
        1. On some types of bespoke courses, for example youth groups, school groups, etc children under the age of 10 may be permitted provided they are accompanied by a responsible adult with legal authority over the child This adult will be responsible at all times for the children in their group
        2. On bespoke courses there  may be more than one to child to each adult

  12.  Medical and insurance
    1. When you apply to book a course you are confirming that you have no pre-existing medical problems that may in any way affect your participation and that you will inform TMRC should a condition become apparent once the booking has been accepted
    2. Our instructors all have liability insurance for the courses they teach. 
      1. The policy does NOT cover personal equipment e.g. you rucksack, clothing, etc or accident. 
      2. If you feel it necessary you should arrange extra insurance cover for these. 
    3. Note:  In some cases the courses are held in a remote wilderness locations and so you should inform us beforehand if you are  not physically able to easily walk in this type of area  If you are not able to do so, please let us know so that we can ensure the course leader prepares a route which is within your capabilities

  13. Arrival time on the course
    1. You will be informed of the start time of the course in your course confirmation
    2. You must arrive at the course location in time to join the course
    3. In the event of non-arrival at the correct time the course will start without you  No refund for any unused section of the course will be made

  14. The cost of the course
    1. We publish our prices in good faith but mistakes do sometimes occur In this case we will rectify the mistake as soon as it becomes apparent 
    2. Your booking will not accepted if there has been an error in the price quoted or due to some other technical problem e.g. website malfunction, etc 
    3. Once we have sent you a Course Confirmation we will not increase the cost of your course

  15. Exclusion from a course 
    1. If the course instructor decides that your actions or behaviour are, or may, affect your safety or the safety or enjoyment of the course by any other people on the course you may be excluded from the course 
    2. In all cases of exclusion from a course no payment will be made by TMRC for any unused sections of your course
    3. If you arrive at the course location soon after drinking alcohol or taking, non-prescribed, drugs you will not be permitted to participate

  16. Cancellations and refund
    1. If you make a booking 7 days or more before the start of the course you may cancel your booking within 24 hours of making it and TMRC will make a full refund (in the same manner which the original payment was made) of all money paid
    2. If you make a booking less than 7 before the start of the course it may not be cancelled
    3. In the unlikely event of your course being cancelled by us for a reason within our control you will receive a full refund of all money paid to us.
    4. Covid 19.  If you book a course with us and you are instructed to self-isolate, as long as you inform us at least 24 hours before your course is due to start and you forward the NHS Email / Track-N-Trace screen shot / etc. you may opt to join a course running at a later date or have an immediate full refund of all fees paid.
  17. Events beyond our control 
    1. We will try whenever possible to provide the course as described but, due to the nature of running a course outdoor this may not always be possible, or advisable For example in the case of bad weather the course instructor may decide to run the course differently from that which was originally envisaged
    2. We will also try to run the course as advertised however there are certain events which are beyond our control in which case the course may not run as advertised or for the duration it was advertised These can include, amongst others: war, threat of war, civil disturbances, terrorist activity or threat of terrorist activity, land closures (for example due to Foot and Mouth disease, changes in public rights of way, blockages of footpaths, inclement weather etc) , government orders, natural disaster, epidemics, etc
    3. If your course is affected by any event beyond our control then TMRC will make every effort to (prior to the course) inform you of the problem and make alternative arrangements or (whilst you are on course) make arrangements for you to continue your course In these circumstances TMRC will not make any refund to you
    4. It is important that you understand that we will make every effort to provide the course as booked but in some circumstances this may simply not be possible

  18. Gift vouchers
    1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the person purchasing a Gift Voucher (the purchaser) until the voucher is redeemed, at which time these Terms and Condition will apply to the person to whom the purchaser has passed the Gift Voucher to (the recipient)
    2. A voucher has been Redeemed once we receive notification of this via our on-line form
    3. All Gift Vouchers, regardless of the initial cost, have a face value of £0.01 (one pence)
      1. Note: This means that if you ask for a refund you will receive £0.01 (one pence)
    4. All Gift Vouchers are valid for, and must be used within, Nine months from the date of purchase, after which the voucher is cancelled and may not be used to book on to a course
    5. The expiry date will be will be clearly displayed on the Gift Voucher 
    6. If the Gift Voucher is for one person (recipient) that person must be over 18 years old at the time of the course
    7. If the Gift Voucher is for more than one person (recipient) at least one person must be over 18 years old at the time of the course and if there are any children in the group the Items shown above (Children) are applicable
    8. Gift Vouchers may be used to book places on any course, provided there is enough space on the course 
      1. Note: As our courses tend to book up very quickly after the dates are released you are advised to redeem your gift voucher as soon as you can
    9. The number of people which the Gift Voucher will allow on to a course will be clearly shown
    10. Gift Vouchers cannot be split.  This means that each voucher is valid for one booking on one course only
      1. Note:  For example if you have a voucher for 4 people you cannot make two bookings for 2 people on different courses. In this case you may only make one booking for 4 people on a single course
    11. If you wish to make multiple bookings you should buy multiple Gift Vouchers