Our locations

Private lessons and bespoke groups.

These can be run virtually anywhere in mainland England, so you won’t need to travel too far.  For novice level activities we can normal find a suitable location within 10miles of any point in England.  For intermediate level activities travel up to 20miles may be needed.

Group courses.

These are normally run in one of the locations shown on the graphic, but we do occasionally run them in other areas.

Gold (advanced) level lessons, groups and courses.

We run our Gold Level activities in the Yorkshire Dales – just North of Malham Village.  

Why the Yorkshire Dales?  This area of the Yorkshire Dales offers deep valleys, gorges with 200ft high rock walls, rolling hills, lakes and an abundance of other map features.  This all adds up to making The Dales the best, easily accessible, navigation training area in England.

Getting to Malham

By car 
From Skipton take the A65 Northwards to Gargrave then take Eshton Road for 20 miles all the way to Malham.

Note that Goolge Maps (and some Car GPS’s) will tell you to go to Coniston Cold before turning towards Malham – don’t.  This is a very small single lane road with very few passing places.

By Train
Take the train from Leeds to Settle.  We can collect/return you from/to your hotel in Settle – but please let us know in advance if you need this (free) service.